Integrated Modern Engineering is a woman-owned, small business specializing in geospatial analysis and multi-INT fusion techniques. Experienced analysts in SIGINT, Common Ground Sensors, WMD, All-Source, HUMINT, and other data types understand the data collection, analysis, production and dissemination.
IME produces software supporting new intelligence techniques and improvement on existing techniques. Software capabilities drive the analysts efficiency and thoroughness collecting, processing, analyzing, and disseminating data. IME finds improvement methods and develops new software. We gather requirements, build architecture, develop components, test and deliver.

Meet Our Team


Rakhi Shah

Rakhi Shah has 14 years experience in military intelligence. She is an Aerospace Engineering with an advanced degree in System Engineering. She has supported multiple offices at NASIC, deployed in support of the Iraq Survey Group, embedded with army units in Iraq and Afghanistan, and served as a Subject Matter Expert on Army DCGS-A Systems. She is an expert in military intelligence techniques and processes, and brings a deep understanding of data analysis, software, architecture, and database.


Vikas Monga

VikasMonga is a talented developer in Google Earth, .NET, JS, C#, VB, GoJS, and many other platforms. Vikas runs a team of developers on a daily basis through many aspects of the project and client needs. He brings 8 years of previous experience in agile development techniques.


Kyle Griffin

Kyle Griffin served in the military and has field experience fusing information from multiple Intelligence disciplines including SIGINT, HUMINT, IMINT and MASINT. Kyle integrated, analyzed, and disseminated intelligence information collected from technical, tactical, and strategic sources, while utilizing DCGS-A to develop products for the Commander. Kyle creates comprehensive realistic computer based scenarios to train and evaluate military intelligence professionals’ abilities to exercise the Military Decision Making Process.